Trivium achieved a score of 96% customer satisfaction, per the latest client surveys.

The scores are top notch in any year, but Trivium is especially proud of them given challenges due to the pandemic.

The surveys are designed to provide insights into clients’ wants and needs, and allow them to provide general comments, as well. Here are just a few responses Trivium received:

“The coaches are sweet and help me get through my days if I am struggling or just need a little extra TLC.”

“I'm learning how to deal with things and staff teaches me how to handle things in the community.”

“Staff are always thinking of fun things for us to do. Last night I went and saw baby goats and kittens. It was so much fun!”

“They are working with me on using my coping skills and assisting me with my supports to have a meaningful life.”

“Staff is always there when I need them. I know if I have problems, I can call staff for help anytime.”

“They are helping me grow in my independence and to reconnect with the community.”

Trivium chose to share these responses as they show how the organization is fulfilling the mission of creating hope, empowering lives, and inspiring communities.