Amy Jeppesen is being honored with the 2022 Empower Idaho’s Mental Health Advocate Award. The award recognizes an individual who made efforts and strides to advocate for better mental health care, less stigma, increase access, and increased payment for care.

“I was really surprised and honored to receive the award,” Jeppesen said. “I appreciate the partnership with the behavioral health board in improving access and treatment for mental health in Idaho.”

Jeppesen, VP of Growth at Trivium Life Services, was selected for her history of service and impact.

“The Region 4 Behavioral Health Board nominated Amy Jeppesen for Empower Idaho’s Mental Health Advocate Award due to her over 25 years of service to the field,” said Amy McKenzie, the board member who nominated Jeppesen. “Her contributions have not only empowered those dealing with mental health or substance use, but they have also educated the community.”

In 2010, Jeppesen founded Recovery 4 Life (now Trivium Life Services), growing it into the largest provider of substance use treatment in Idaho. She started the state’s first trauma full-intensive outpatient program, men’s trauma program, and specialty programing for ages 19-25 and receiving a federal grant for her groundbreaking work.

Throughout her career, Jeppesen has shown commitment to developing collaborative partnerships with community supports to provide wraparound services, increasing the likelihood of success for clients and their families. She was instrumental in the creation of the LEAD program, which partners Trivium Life Services with Boise Police Department to provide individuals with treatment instead of charges.