Trivium Life Services has been named a Best Practices Partner by the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands (NAM). The partnership recognizes Trivium’s commitment to nonprofit excellence and drive for continual improvement.

“We are an organization that strives for excellence in all we do,” said Chris Blake, director of Trivium’s Center of Excellence. “We are subject to many regulations through governing entities, but because this is self-driven and self-monitored, it is a demonstration of our commitment to compliance and best practices.”

Partners adhere to NAM’s Guidelines & Principles for Nonprofit Excellence, which includes legal practices, essential practices, and recommended practices. Following the guidelines ensures a foundation of credibility and trust among clients, donors, and community partners.

NAM works to connect organizations so nonprofits can focus on those they serve. Their mission is to strengthen nonprofit organizations to enrich community life. NAM works to make the public aware of the important role nonprofits play, provide organizations with information on nonprofit management and practices, advocate on issues affecting nonprofits, and foster cooperation among members.

To learn more about NAM and the Best Practice Partnerships, visit their website at