Stacey Warner
  • Stacey Warner
  • Vice President of Operations

Stacey Warner is Trivium’s first Vice President of Operations, taking on the role at the start of 2022. She provides day-to-day leadership focusing on strategic operational initiatives with oversight of behavioral health, long term support services, quality, and asset management.

Warner’s work at Trivium is reflective of her professional history of collaboration and commitment to service. Prior to this role, she worked with organizations committed to serving those experiencing homelessness, behavioral healthcare organizations, and in various areas of foster care and residential treatment for adolescents. 

In addition to her role as VP, Warner is a CARF administrative surveyor for behavioral health and opioid treatment organizations; in this position, she surveys organizations across the country to ensure they are conforming to standards of best practice and providing quality services. 

Warner’s education includes a Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Studies, a Master’s in Public Administration, studying with Dr. Bruce Perry and the Child Trauma Academy Learning Community, HUD Learning Communities, and ongoing professional development in areas of program evaluation, strategic planning, collective impact and community development, and trauma informed care.