A LOOK BACKon our year at Trivium

A message from Trivium:
Our Vision

Total CLIENTS SERVED July 2022 - June 2023



Creating Hope.
Empowering Lives.
Inspiring Communities.


  • Create Hope by developing life services to meet the needs no one else will and positioning ourselves as a provider people know, trust, and seek out.
  • Empower lives by building a high-talent, agile, Strengths-based workforce ready to step up to serve the most vulnerable people in our society.
  • Inspire communities by engaging in thought leadership in demonstrable and admirable ways.


Trivium's values guide what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.

  • We are trustworthy
  • We are better together
  • We are mission minded
  • We show respect
  • We are visionary
  • We strive to be better

Long Term Support Services

Trivium’s long term support services offer individuals with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, chronic mental illness, and brain injuries opportunities to reach their full potential at home, at work, and in their communities. These services include:

Supported Community Living

Our Supported Community Living offers a group home setting for those who want to live independently in a home with roommates but need staff assistance and care up to 24 hours a day. For those who live in their own homes and just need a bit of assistance, we also offer Hourly Support Care to help with medication monitoring, transportation, and integration.

Day Habilitation

Trivium’s Day Habilitation program engages clients in structured activities centered on personal choice, individualized care, and goal setting. The program offers social interaction and community engagement. Typical activities range from day trips and volunteering with local organizations to working on personal goals like self-advocacy, health monitoring, and adaptive skills.

Employment Services

Employment Services assist job-seeking clients in gaining and retaining employment in the community. Clients work with Trivium staff to discover their interests, develop career goals, create/update resumes, and identify opportunities. Once a client is hired, we work with them and their employer to ensure they stay happily employed.

Iowa Client Satisfaction = 96%

Iowa Total LTSS Clients Served = 445

Behavioral Health Services

Trivium takes a holistic approach to behavioral health services, treating the whole person and not just the symptoms. Our highly trained counselors and therapists specialize in helping families, couples, individuals, and adolescents struggling with mental health and psychological issues.

Specializing in substance use disorder treatment in Idaho, our plans encompass skill building, understanding, support, and exploration of the underlying issues surrounding substance use disorder. We offer a variety of clinical services, including individual, family, and group counseling, along with recovery support services ranging from coaching and case management to recovery skills groups.


Number of individuals participated in Behavioral Health Services = 1,628

Client Quotes

"Trivium is my safe space and I will miss it greatly when I complete treatment. All services I have received have been instrumental in my healing journey."

"Trivium saved my life, I am forever grateful. Thank you."

"Trivium was the best treatment facility that I ever attended and successfully completed. I had a great case manager and therapist and I will not hesitate coming in and asking for help when needed, whether it be Mental Health or substance abuse. I have been clean for over a year and a half now thanks to Trivium and the things I have learned in my groups and the whole treatment. I really enjoyed being a part of the Trivium family. Thank you for your help."

Domestic Violence Offender Intervention Services

Violence and aggression are learned behaviors and, like other behaviors, Trivium believes they can be unlearned. Our services help men and women learn to handle stressful situations without the use of physical or emotional abuse. Trivium’s mission is to build healthy relationships between spouses, partners, and families through counseling, therapy, and positive interaction. Graduates of our programs find clarity and peace of mind to help them start on a new path.

Trivium’s domestic violence services include:

Number of individuals participated in Domestic Violence Services = 209

Client Quotes

"Good help to develop help mentally and in partnership."

"I really like Trivium, I highly recommend to anyone that needs the help. I really learned a lot from this service and my facilitator."

"My facilitator at Trivium always made me feel respected as an individual and has helped me through so much. I love group I've obtained lots from it."

Averte joined the Trivium Life Services family in the summer of 2022

Averte, located in the idyllic Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire, offers a spectrum of highly individualized treatment options to meet the varied needs of adults living with complex mental health diagnoses. Whether recently diagnosed, leaving the hospital, or needing extra support for success living independently, we have a customizable program to meet your needs.

Our licensed clinicians specialize in working with individuals with complex diagnoses, including thought and mood disorders, anxiety/OCD, personality disorders, spectrum disorders/neurodivergence, and co-occurring substance use.

Treatment Tracks include:

  • Clinically Intensive Step-Down Program (6 weeks)
  • Transitional Program (3-9 months)
  • Comprehensive Program (9-18 months)
  • Extended Support Program (open-ended)
  • Supported Independent Living
  • Respite Care

Total number of clients served = 59

Arbor Family Counseling has been providing the Omaha area with behavioral health counseling for the past 30 years and became a Trivium Life Services company in the spring of 2022.

Arbor provides a safe, non-judgmental place for people to heal and restore back to their best selves. Our professional counselors, specializing in depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, LBGTQIA+, teens, children, play therapy, drug/alcohol, stress, crisis, resiliency and claiming your best life now!

Two of Arbors main programs include their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Student Assistance Program (SAP).

Employee Assistance Program is dedicated to helping companies care for their employees so they show up and remain motivated to help the company succeed every day! Arbor is here to assist companies, their employees and managers to navigate the many challenges and changes experienced in today’s world of work.

The Student Assistance Program provides support to primary, secondary, and university-level schools in the Omaha area. Arbor acts as a supportive friend and partner to schools through our customized Student Assistance Programs. Schools in the Omaha area have identified our student assistance services as an important part of the solution when faced with issues of stress, conflict, death, trauma, layoffs, new policy, and more.

Companies utilizing EAP services = 20

School Districts utilizing SAP services = 7

Total number of clients served = 3,798


Our Growth

The past fiscal year has been a pivotal time for Trivium Life Services, marked by significant growth and transformative changes. As we evolved into a more expansive and inclusive company, it became apparent that our values needed an update to reflect the dynamic organization we've become. With the expertise and guidance of Lori M. Smith, SHRM-SCP, SPHR from Capstone Coaching & Consulting, we embarked on a journey to redefine our core principles.

Embracing a collaborative approach, we engaged with employees from all levels of the company to gather diverse perspectives, insights, and ideas. This inclusive process helped shape the updated values that now serve as the foundation of our culture at Trivium Life Services. We are trustworthy. We are better together. We are mission minded. We show respect. We are visionary. We strive to be better.

One of the most exhilarating moments of the year was the opening of our new social enterprise, The Terrace. Located near the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The profits generated from The Terrace will support Trivium Life Services’ mission.

Additionally, the relocation to new office spaces in Boise, ID, and Cherokee, IA has paved the way for continued growth and development. These modern spaces not only symbolize our expansion but also a new inviting space for our valued clients. In alignment with this growth, Arbor Family Counseling, a Trivium Life Services company, proudly unveiled a second office location in Omaha, NE. This strategic expansion aims to increase accessibility to professional counseling services, particularly in the Northwest and West areas of Omaha.

In the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), we take great pride in the strides made by our DE&I Committee. Empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds and amplifying their voices within our organization and local communities remains a pivotal goal. Notably, in celebration of Pride Month, Trivium's DE&I Committee hosted a Pride Month Panel featuring willing employees engaging in meaningful dialogue. Regular meetings of the DE&I Committee underscore our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment for all employees and clients.

The entire Trivium Life Services team remains dedicated to upholding these updated values and creating a workplace and community environment that embodies them, fostering a culture of inclusivity, growth, and positive change. We look forward to the opportunities, challenges, and successes that the future holds and are committed to evolving while staying true to our core values.


Total FY2022
07/01/2021 - 06/30/2022
Revenue Total $28,596,546
Expenditures Total $24,700,032
Total FY2023
07/01/2022 - 06/30/2023
Revenue Total $35,696,576
Expenditures Total $32,546,252