In an effort not to discriminate against someone due to their disability in employment, Trivium Life Services has adopted the following guidelines to make reasonable accommodations for a disabled staff, person receiving services, volunteer or Board member.

Trivium recognizes that there can be many barriers to services. Those barriers could be Attitudinal, Architectural, Communication, Transportation, or others that would impede or result in the denial of the delivery of services, not only in our facilities but in the surrounding communities. Because of this, Trivium will have an Accessibility Plan, which will be completed annually as part of the Outcome Based Program Evaluation. The Accessibility Coordinator with input from people served, staff, CEO, Board of Directors, etc, will compile a plan to identify Barriers, Solutions, Costs, Due date, and Responsible Persons. Completion Date will be added when Solution is accomplished. The CEO and the Board of Directors will review the plan annually.

Trivium has adopted and will use as it guidelines the current ADA standards in any plans for additions or remodeling of the facility.

If when a vacancy exists and an applicant has indicated on the Recruitment Survey that he/she would need some type of special accommodations, the CEO and 504 Coordinator, and/or Personnel Committee will explore, prior to the interview, the cost of making these accommodations. The Section 504 coordinator will review accommodation requests before they are accepted or denied. Accommodations made should be documented.

The Rehabilitation Act states: “A recipient shall make reasonable accommodation to the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified, handicapped applicant or employee unless the recipient can demonstrate that the accommodation would impose an undue hardship on the operation of its program”.

Trivium shall make programs and services available to persons with disabilities who meet eligibility/entrance criteria. Reasonable accommodations made will be documented in Board and Staff Meeting minutes.

If an accommodation is to be denied, it must be based on one of the following:

1 – Overall size of programs

2 – Number of employees

3 – Number and type of facilities

4 – Size of budget

5 – Type of operation

6 – Structure of workforce

7 – Nature and cost of accommodation

If it is determined that costs for an accommodation in a specific instance would be prohibitive, the organization shall make referrals to other agencies that can accommodate that individual. If other resources are not readily available, and appropriate documentation of efforts toward accommodations have been made, admission to Trivium may be denied.