Clients choose Trivium’s Day Program or Day Hab for its structure and client-driven activities that focus on personal choice, individualized care, and goal setting. The program offers social interaction and community engagement for clients and serves as respite care for families/caregivers. Typical activities include volunteering with local organizations, taking educational/training classes, participating in health and wellness activities, or developing communication skills.

Trivium offers varied curriculum, a low client-to-staff ratio, and confidentiality for all clients.

What can each person expect at Day Hab?

The person chooses among a variety of activities each day.

Individuals participate in selecting activities that are most meaningful to them and help staff develop a monthly activity calendar that reflects their choices.

Each individual sets their own goals and discusses progress with staff.

Admission Criteria

  • Receiving/benefitting from services for which the individual applied
  • Funded by an outside source/private pay
  • Not harmful to others
  • Not listed on the sexual offender registry
  • 18+ years old to access Daily SCL services; access to hourly SCL or respite as a child/adult
  • Provide own living expenses if accessing daily SCL services
  • Not diagnosed as an alcoholic or drug abuser preventing the person from benefitting from received services
  • Additional criteria (per Trivium policy) will be considered at time of inquiry/referral

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