Trivium offers two levels of Supported Community Living Services designed to meet the daily living needs of adults with disabilities and mental illness. These services increase a client's independence and provide a level of relief for family members and caretakers. The level of service is determined by the individual, guardians, case managers, and providers to best suit their needs.

Residential Services

Clients in our full-time Residential Services live independently in a house with 2-3 roommates and have staff assistance available up to 24 hours each day. 

What can each person expect at their new house?

The person chooses which house, duplex, or apartment feels like home.

Each home has three or four bedrooms with one resident per bedroom.

Before moving into a home, the potential roommates meet and choose if they would like to live together. If not, the new client meets with other potential roommates until they find a good fit. 

Individuals live independently and are supported and empowered to make choices based on individual preferences, likes, and dislikes.

Depending on the level of support for all individuals residing in the home, Trivium staff are available onsite up to 24 hours a day. Trivium staff’s flexibility allows this support level to change month to month as determined by the individual’s service plan.

Trivium ensures capacity for new referrals by opening new houses when needed.

Hourly Support Care

For those who reside with family or live on their own, Trivium provides hourly services to help with needed tasks. Our staff offers medication monitoring, transportation to medical appointments, assistance with household tasks like cooking and cleaning, and opportunities for socialization and community integration. Whatever a person’s needed level of services, our staff can help.

Admission Criteria

  • Receiving/benefitting from services for which the individual applied
  • Funded by an outside source/private pay
  • Not harmful to others
  • Not listed on the sexual offender registry
  • 18+ years old to access Daily SCL services; access to hourly SCL or respite as a child/adult
  • Provide own living expenses if accessing daily SCL services
  • Not diagnosed as an alcoholic or drug abuser preventing the person from benefitting from received services
  • Additional criteria (per Trivium policy) will be considered at the time of inquiry/referral

If your loved one would benefit from Trivium’s services, contact us today or make a referral.

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