Averte, A Trivium Life Services Company is located in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Averte provides a range of personalized treatment choices catering to the diverse needs of adults living with complex mental health diagnoses.

Whether you have recently been diagnosed, are transitioning out of the hospital, or simply require some additional support to thrive in your daily life, our program is designed to cater to your specific needs.

At Averte, every resident is allocated their own personalized space, which could be an individual bedroom, an on-campus condo, an apartment, a cottage, or a home in the community. Throughout their time in the program, the placement may be subject to change. Irrespective of the treatment approach, location, or timeline, the following services are consistently available as part of one's treatment at Averte:

  • Psychiatry appointments for medication optimization and management, at a schedule determined collaboratively by the client, treatment team, and psychiatrist.
  • Comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment planning
  • Individual therapy
  • Supportive counseling
  • Individual sessions with Skills Specialists
  • Group therapy
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Individual and group vocational support, including access to the IPS Supported Employment Program at Dartmouth as appropriate
  • Community outings, on-campus activities, and structured residential groups
  • Physical wellness opportunities – onsite pool, indoor tennis/basketball/pickleball court, gym, hiking trail, and upon individual request, trips to a local gym
  • Life skills supports including ADLs, cooking, financial and home-care skills
  • Family involvement as recommended by clinical team
  • Housekeeping services
  • 3 meals daily plus a snack, access to a kitchen for independent meal/snack prep
  • And more!

To learn more about the services we provide at Averte, A Trivium Life Services company please visit https://averte.com/ or call 802-222-9394