Trivium’s Senior Leadership use their decades of experience to serve our clients and support our values. Together they develop life services, support a talented, Strengths-based workforce, and engage in community leadership. Trivium is growing and moving forward — these are the people guiding us along the journey.

Brent Dillinger
  • Brent Dillinger
  • Chief Executive Officer

Brent Dillinger joined Trivium Life Services as CEO in 2008 after several years serving on the Board of Directors. At that time, Trivium was a $2.8 million organization known as Crossroads of Western Iowa. Under Dillinger’s helm, Trivium has grown into a $24 million organization that employs more than 400 individuals and serves 2,000 clients annually. 

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Matt Smith
  • Matt Smith
  • Chief Operating Officer

Matt Smith became Trivium's Chief Operating Officer in 2015 and oversees all programmatic operations. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University, where he received his undergraduate degree in Health Science and Business. He attained his Master’s Degree in Health Administration and Policy from the University of Oklahoma.

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Matt Zima
  • Matt Zima
  • Chief Financial Officer

Matt Zima joined Trivium in 1994 and currently oversees all financial matters. He has a broad financial background with an expertise in implementation and defining processes to aid in organizational growth. He takes an active role in  compliance and the fulfillment of government contracts and private foundation grants.

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Chris Blake
  • Chris Blake
  • Chief Human Resources Officer

Chris Blake has been Trivium's Chief Human Resources Officer since 2017. She joined the organization with the acquisition of CASS Incorporated, where she had been responsible for human resources, technology, and fiscal services.

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Alex Walker
  • Alex Walker
  • Chief Information Officer / Security Officer

Alex Walker is Trivium's Chief Information Officer / Security Officer, serving since 2011. Previously, Walker worked in the quick service restaurant industry for 12 years as an operations consultant and franchisee technology manager.

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Kevin Allen
  • Kevin Allen
  • Regional Senior Director

Kevin Allen serves as Regional Senior Director for the Southwest Market Region of Trivium, overseeing administrative services and programming. Allen has a background in strategic planning, performance management, and safety.

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Amy Jeppesen
  • Amy Jeppesen
  • Behavioral Health Director

Amy Jeppesen, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an Advanced Certified Alcohol/Drug Counselor, founded Recovery 4 Life in 2010; when it joined with Trivium in 2019, Jeppesen became the Behavioral Health Director.

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Melanie Simon
  • Melanie Simon
  • Regional Senior Director

Melanie Simon joined Recovery 4 Life in 2010 as the Project Manager and became an Owner and the Chief Operations Officer in 2016. With the merger into Trivium in 2019, Simon became the Regional Senior Director for the State of Idaho.

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