Help share the gift of independence.

One important way Trivium helps our long-term support clients is by providing safe and accessible housing within the community. To accomplish this, we need property owners/managers to partner with us to provide rental units for our clients.

Why partner with Trivium?

You can give back to your community and help those in need while gaining a reliable renter in return. When renting to Trivium clients, your benefits include:

  • Reliable rent checks
  • Constant supervision of your property and neighborhood by our trained staff
  • Eligibility for property improvement grants

What are your responsibilities?

  • Able to accept HUD payments
  • Accessible home available for rent
  • Responsive to repairs as needed
  • Home located in a safe neighborhood

Trivium takes our partnerships with landlords very seriously. Our clients and residential staff supervisors strive to keep the home in excellent condition – and often leave it better than they found it.

If you would like to apply to be a Trivium Housing Partner, please contact:

Council Bluffs - Jamie Gross at 712.256.3956

Atlantic - Jen Eggen at 712.243.2668

Missouri Valley - Clint Sargent at 712.642.4114

Onawa - Lora Jensen at 712.423.1477

Sioux City, Cherokee, Battle Creek - Velvet Jeratowski at 712.587.6326