Arbor Family Counseling, A Trivium Life Services Company has been successfully helping companies with their employees and organizational concerns since 1993. We take a partnership approach with companies to ensure a higher utilization of all services and a deepening of trust through time in our services.

Every company needs healthy and productive employees to ensure great success! Arbor is dedicated to helping you care for your employees so they show up and remain motivated to help your company succeed every day! Arbor has been assisting companies, their employees and managers to navigate the many challenges and changes experienced in today’s world of work.

Arbor provides a wide variety of resources in different modalities to meet each employee where their needs are and with how they will best engage with our resources. Our professionals have been helping employers to create a positive and empowering culture for everyone since before Arbor began as our experience dates back to 1985 and even 1977 with several of us.

Below are some of the programs/resources we bring to your workforce:

  • 24/hour assistance
  • Consultations at no cost to the employee
  • Peak Performance coaching
  • Wellness screening and coaching
  • Training/Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Initial counseling sessions, at no cost to the employee
  • Online Education and Screenings

Arbor Family Services is in the business of helping companies stay healthy and successful. We would be honored to speak with you about implementing an Employee Assistance Program. Please call 402.330.0960 for more information or visit