Trivium currently offers Substance Use Disorder Treatment in our Boise and Caldwell, Idaho locations.

Recovering from addiction is neither easy nor simple. Learning to live a different lifestyle can take time, focus, and commitment that may be hard to achieve alone. At Trivium, we don’t just help with sobriety, we help with lifestyle changes.

Our highly trained, licensed, and professional counselors work in tandem with case managers, recovery coaches, and support services staff to provide holistic treatment. In our programs, you will engage in skill building, understanding, education, support, and exploration of the underlying issues surrounding your substance use.

Our clinical services include intensive outpatient treatment and outpatient treatment for both adults and adolescents, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), and mental health counseling and assessments. We offer “Walk-In Wednesdays” for those looking to take the next step right away. Whatever your needs, we have service options to fit you.

Our support services are varied and may be less familiar. They include:

Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaches have been in your shoes and experienced the struggles, downfalls, and hardships that go into achieving sobriety. They have fallen and built themselves back up — but they didn’t do it alone. They relinquished their addiction, recovered, retained a clean and sober lifestyle, and now use their experiences to help others. 

Who can benefit from Recovery Coaching?

With recovery coaching, you can expect to:

  • Learn practices and self-acceptance techniques to feel comfortable and confident in your choice to be sober.
  • Take control of your urges and temptations and re-engage in treatment and/or recovery, including relapse episodes.
  • Gain a mentor and reliable friend to assist in your recovery.
  • Take steps to decrease or abstain from criminal activity/involvement.
  • Gain a more positive attitude/mentality towards a sober lifestyle and develop a strong belief that recovery is possible.
  • Participate in sober activities and be part of a sober community.

Case Management

Trivium’s Case Managers connect you to the community resources needed to sustain your recovery. Recovery does not happen in a bubble, so Case Managers help you with the tools you will need after graduating from treatment. Their services could include:

  • Helping you find safe, suitable, and affordable housing.
  • Working through the Food Stamps (EBT) application with you.
  • Connecting you with GED prep resources and helping you sign up for the test.
  • Updating or creating a resume and helping you apply for jobs.
  • Connecting you with other Health Care Providers.
  • Setting up drug testing.
  • Coordinating transportation needs.
  • Helping with funding issues.
  • Other individualized resources that might be needed.

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