Q: Do I need any certificates to qualify for the Direct Support Professional (DSP) position?
A: No, we do not require any certifications to qualify for our Direct Support Professional positions.

Q: Do I need any special training for the Direct Support Professional (DSP) position?
A: No, you do not need any special training. We do conduct a 2-week onboarding to provide all the training to successfully perform the job duties and responsibilities.

Q: Why do I need to provide proof of insurance?
A: Our coverage is written based, in part, on the fact we do require proof of personal vehicle insurance. Another consideration is at times some staff do sometimes use their personal vehicles for business, that does not involve transportation of clients. Such as driving to a training session or another location.

Q: Explanation of the question that asks you to list any skills that you possess that would make you particularly qualified for the position you are applying for.
A: This can include your brief explanation of working with adults with disabilities or any personal experiences that could relate. As well as any personality traits that you feel would qualify you for this position.

Q: Why is the email address I am using to create an account to apply not being accepted?
A: You must use your personal email address. An Indeed email address will not be accepted.