Susan Odden, MS, MSN, RN
Psychotherapist, Nutritionist, Registered Nurse
Pronouns: she/her/hers

With over 35 years of experience in healthcare and helping professions, Susan is uniquely qualified to serve her clients, offering an evidence-based and holistic approach to mental health and trauma therapy.  Susan’s extensive experience includes psychiatric nursing, counseling, wellness coaching, nutrition consulting, research, teaching and equine therapy. Susan received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Boston University.  She went on to pursue her first Master’s degree in Nursing, and later a second Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  Susan also holds certificates of advanced study in integrative nutrition and EMDR therapy.

As a complement to Susan’s formal training, she is well-versed in the integration of alternative wellness practices for mental wellness and pain management, including aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, reiki and guided imagery. Susan is a curious and creative soul who derives her passion from the moments in which clients connect with their strength and power to move forward. Susan identifies with a feminist theoretical perspective, respecting the experience, perspectives and identities of all genders, and is firmly rooted in an inclusive therapeutic approach. Susan’s background includes work with the People of Color Network and Hospice of the Valley in Phoenix, AZ.

Susan’s numerous interests enrich both her professional and personal worlds.  She enjoys surrounding herself with animals (including her certified therapy dog Meelo), working with her hands, cultivating flower gardens, hiking and generally basking in the natural beauty of the Upper Valley. Susan is an avid knitter and advocate for the therapeutic potential of knitting. 

Susan works best with older adolescents and adults. She approaches every individual seeking treatment with unconditional positive regard as a guiding light.

Sara Paton, MSW
Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Certified Yoga Teacher
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Sara’s clinical approach combines her formal training as both a social worker and a holistic practitioner, allowing her to share her passion for exploration of the mind-body connection with her clients. Sara’s diverse professional background includes studies in wilderness therapy and alternative medicine, and work with a variety of client populations including families, children with individualized learning needs, adults in substance use treatment, and clients healing from complex trauma. She received her Master’s in Social Work from The University of New England. Additionally, Sara is a Certified Yoga Instructor – with specialized training in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga – and a Certified Massage Therapist with 10 years of experience sharing mind-body healing practices with clients.

Sara’s clinical work is rooted in a person-centered, strength-based, integrative approach. She aligns with a feminist theoretical perspective and deeply values a therapeutic relationship in which clients feel heard and empowered. She incorporates CBT strategies with a variety of trauma-informed techniques and holistic practices, including movement and bilateral stimulation, to support clients in finding the individualized approach that speaks to their unique needs. Sara is also passionate about supporting neurodivergent individuals. She is committed to continuous learning and has a long list of professional aspirations and ways in which she hopes to continue enriching her practice. 

Outside the office, Sara enjoys spending quality time with her family. She enjoys kickboxing, yoga, and is a motivated student of Jiu Jitsu.  She is currently working with the love of her life, her dog Charlie, in his studies as a therapy with all age groups, and loves working with kids and teens, as well as adults.

She is interested in a variety of styles and needs, including trauma, ADHD coaching, and more.
She really enjoys using CBT, bilateral stimulation, breathing and meditation, psycho-education, and more.

Marykate (MK) Oakley, PhD
Clinical Psychologist

Marykate (MK) Oakley, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides evidence-based psychotherapy and assessment. Dr. Oakley earned her BA in Psychology from Princeton University, where she was also a Division-1 ice hockey player. She went on to receive her MS in Psychology from Columbia University Teachers College, and her MA and PhD from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Dr. Oakley's research focuses on executive functioning among individuals with complex developmental trauma and emotion dysregulation. Dr. Oakley completed her doctoral internship at Yale University in the Department of Psychiatry at the School of Medicine. There, she worked at a community clinic, providing services to adolescents and young adults experiencing significant mental health challenges. Dr. Oakley has extensive experience working in psychiatric inpatient and college counseling settings. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship at Dartmouth College before working as a clinical psychologist at Brown University Medical School, Emma Pendleton Bradley Hospital. Dr. Oakley returned to the Upper Valley in 2021 to serve as the Clinical Case Manager at the Dartmouth College Counseling Center.

Dr. Oakley uses an integrated psychotherapeutic approach, drawing on principles of attachment, developmental theory, and trauma-informed care. She has training in various evidence-based psychotherapies, including CBT, DBT, ACT, TF-CBT, and assessment. Dr. Oakley specializes in working with LGBTQ+ individuals, and she provides gender-affirming care and evaluations. In addition, Dr. Oakley works well with those struggling with trauma, emotion dysregulation, executive dysfunction, and other mood-related concerns. She believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship and strives to ensure her patients feel safe and seen.

When not in the office, Dr. Oakley loves hockey, golf, and crossword puzzles. She is a published poet who loves traveling and learning new things.