Governor Kim Reynolds visited The Terrace in Council Bluffs, IA on March 21st to gain valuable insights into the operations of social enterprises and to meet with representatives from Trivium Life Services. The visit provided an opportunity for the Governor to better understand the impact of social enterprises on communities and the innovative approaches taken by organizations like Trivium Life Services.

During her visit, Governor Reynolds had the opportunity to interact with staff and engage in discussions about the challenges and opportunities facing social enterprises and Long-Term Support Services in Iowa, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between government entities and community-based organizations.

One of the highlights of Governor Reynolds’s visit was her meeting with representatives from Trivium Life Services, a leading organization dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives. This included The Terrace employee and Trivium program client Kaitlynn Simpson.

Kaitlynn shared her enthusiasm, stating, "That was awesome; she was so nice," reflecting on her conversation with Governor Reynolds about her skills acquired at The Terrace, her future goals, and her hobbies.

Governor Reynolds expressed her appreciation for the important work being done by The Terrace and Trivium Life Services, emphasizing the significance of social enterprises in driving positive social change and fostering inclusive communities across Iowa. She commended the dedication and passion of the teams involved in these initiatives and pledged her continued support for similar ventures that contribute to the state's economic and social well-being.