At Trivium, we believe our employees are the heart of our organization. We strive to ensure they are happy at work and may enhance their quality of life. We partner with Gallup to conduct annual employee engagement surveys to continually make Trivium a better place to work.

CliftonStrengthsWe also utilize CliftonStrengths® for employee development. Gallup’s CliftonStrengths® focuses on cultivating an individual’s natural strengths rather than “fixing” shortcomings. Through a Strengths Assessment, individuals learn their Top 5 Strengths — the innate talents they must hone and develop to reach their full potential.

Through coaching, our employees better understand their individual Strengths and can utilize them both in their role at Trivium and in their personal life. Our managers learn to identify their team members’ Strengths and are committed to helping their staff achieve their personal and developmental goals. 

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